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Youtube Narration

Instantly create professional narration audios for your YouTube videos in any preferred language you desire!

Marketing Content

Boost your marketing strategy with professional and captivating messages. Success is within your reach with Genvoz.

Tutorial Content

Give your explanatory video a touch of reality with our dynamic text-to-speech options!

News Narration

Narrating news, sports events, or reports is easy with Genvoz! Get a global reach for your news.


Create high-quality audiobooks narrated by our advanced AI, designed for long-format media.


Experience the magic of our online text-to-voice converter to create audio podcasts instantly!


Start creating animated presentations with voice-overs to keep your audience engaged and entertained!


If you have an established business or company, Genvoz makes it easy for you to create the realistic voices you need!

Customer Support

Provide customer service audios instantly in any preferred language! Enhance your interactions with your customers.

Call Centers

Create professional call center audios instantly in any language! Enhance your customer support interactions.

Ads / Advertising

Generate professional audio for your advertising instantly. Boost your advertising campaigns with Genvoz!


Create high-quality audio for your documentaries in a matter of seconds with Genvoz. Surprise your audience!

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We support more than 140 languages and 900 voices, listen to the samples here.

Supported Languages

Afrikaans (South Africa)Albanian (Albania)AlgeriaAmharicArabic (Asia)Arabic (Egypt)Arabic (Gulf)Arabic (Iraq)Arabic (Jordan)Arabic (Kuwait)Arabic (Lebanon)Arabic (Libya)Arabic (Morocco)Arabic (Oman)Arabic (Qatar)Arabic (Saudi Arabia)Arabic (Syria)Arabic (Tunisia)Arabic (Yemen)Azeri (Azerbaijan)BahrainBengaliBengali (India)Bosnian (Bosnia and Herzegovina)Bulgarian (Bulgaria)Burmese (Myanmar)Catalan (Spain)Chinese (Hong Kong)Chinese (Mainland China)Chinese (Taiwan)Croatian (Croatia)Czech (Czech Republic)Danish (Denmark)Dutch (Belgium)Dutch (Netherlands)English (Australia)English (Canada)English (Hong Kong)English (India)English (Ireland)English (Kenya)English (New Zealand)English (Nigeria)English (Philippines)English (Singapore)English (South Africa)English (Tanzania)English (UK)English (US)Estonian (Estonia)Filipino (Philippines)Finnish (Finland)French (Belgium)French (Canada)French (France)French (Switzerland)Galician (Spain)Georgian (Georgia)German (Austria)German (Germany)German (Switzerland)Greek (Greece)Gujarati (India)Hebrew (Israel)Hindi (India)Hungarian (Hungary)IcelandicIndonesian (Indonesia)Irish GaelicItalian (Italy)Japanese (Japan)Javanese (Indonesia)Kannada (India)Kazakh (Kazakhstan)Khmer (Cambodia)Korean (South Korea)Lao (Laos)Latvian (Latvia)Lithuanian (Lithuania)Macedonian (North Macedonia)Malay (Malaysia)Malayalam (India)Maltese (Malta)Marathi (India)Mongolian (Mongolia)Nepal (Nepali)Norwegian (Norway)Pashto (Afghanistan)Persian (Iran)Polish (Poland)Portuguese (Brazil)Portuguese (Portugal)Punjabi (India)RomanianRussian (Russia)Serbian (Serbia)Sinhala (Sri Lanka)Slovak (Slovakia)Slovenian (Slovenia)Somali (Somalia)Spanish (Argentina)Spanish (Bolivia)Spanish (Chile)Spanish (Colombia)Spanish (Costa Rica)Spanish (Cuba)Spanish (Dominican Republic)Spanish (Ecuador)Spanish (El Salvador)Spanish (Equatorial Guinea)Spanish (Guatemala)Spanish (Honduras)Spanish (Mexico)Spanish (Nicaragua)Spanish (Panama)Spanish (Paraguay)Spanish (Peru)Spanish (Puerto Rico)Spanish (Spain)Spanish (Uruguay)Spanish (US)Spanish (Venezuela)Sundanese (Indonesia)Swahili (Kenya)Swahili (Tanzania)Swedish (Sweden)Tamil (India)Tamil (Malaysia)Tamil (Singapore)Tamil (Sri Lanka)Telugu (India)Thai (Thailand)Turkish (Turkey)Ukrainian (Ukraine)Urdu (India)Urdu (Pakistan)Uzbek (Uzbekistan)Vietnamese (Vietnam)WelshZulu (South Africa)

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